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Interspinous spacers

Endoscopic lumbar discectomy

No. Recent literature suggests that interspinous spacers on their own do not result in a clinically satisfactory result for patients with spinal stenosis symptoms (neurogenic claudication), and often tend to delay the inevitable need for surgical intervention. If you or yor GP feel that such a treatment ought o be considered, then I'd be very happy to chat to you about it, and if you wish give you a copy of the latest study to mull over whilst you decide on what treatment option you'd rather.  

What if I haven’t any health insurance?

How costly is surgery if I don't have any health insurance?

If you haven’t any health insurance cover, then spinal surgery in a private hospital can be expensive. My secretary can call the hospitals and get an all-in price for any procedures that I may recommend.

Whilst spinal surgery is expensive, the cost of not being able to work to full capacity is often more financially debilitating.


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Can I be seen in the public system?

Yes. I would be very happy to see you and treat you in the public health system also in Tallaght University Hospital or Naas General Hospital. An unfortunate result of decades of inadequate resourcing of both the hospital network in general, and spinal surgery specifically, is an admittedly unacceptable long waiting time both to be seen in the outpatients clinic and to be operated on. All patients are seen and operated on on the basis of clinical need.

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